From the Board of Directors to staff, trainees and volunteers, in team SPEA we work every day for birds and their habitats.


SPEA is governed by its Statutes and Internal Regulations, as well as by all applicable rules and legislation.


General Assembly

The Chair of the General Assembly convenes and runs the General Assembly meetings.

Fiscal Council

This body examines SPEA’s accounts and reports on the National Board’s Annual Report and Accounts, communicating its findings at the relevant General Assembly Meeting.

Board of Directors

This is SPEA’s governing body. Its task is to implement the Programme and Budget approved in the General Assembly Meetings, manage SPEA and report on this activity, among other tasks. The current Board was elected at the General Assembly Meeting on 2 March 2019.


Staff members

SPEA has full-time staff based at our offices in Lisbon, Madeira and Azores.



Communications Department

Citizenship and Environmental Education Department

Terrestrial Conservation Department

Marine Conservation Department

SPEA Madeira

SPEA Azores



Terrestrial Conservation

Marine Conservation

Environmental Education