Today, we formally sent letters from 15 conservation leaders worldwide, along with a petition signed by over 40 thousand European citizens, to the Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa and President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, all with one message: stop Tagus airport.


The letters from conservation leaders in Europe and Africa are joined by one from the government of the Dutch region of Friesland, and come alongside a petition launched by BirdLife Netherlands which was signed by 40 thousand citizens. These messages reflect the international concern the planned airport is raising. If it goes forward, the airport in the Tagus estuary threatens protected birds like the Black-tailed Godwit, Holland’s national bird, which many European countries have invested thousands of euros to protect.


The planned airport, which is a breach of national and European laws, is also a serious threat to people who, from Northern Europe to Africa, depend on migratory birds.


This international support underlines the importance of the legal action we have filed to stop this project.


Institutions who sent support letters


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Planned Tagus airport: we’re going to court