1. Know who is responsible for your data

Name: Sociedade Portuguesa para o Estudo das Aves
Headquarters: Av. Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro nº 87, 070-062 Lisboa
TIN: 503091707
Contact: 21 322 04 30
Email: spea@spea.pt


2. Know what data we treat
In the case of being in our general database, we only have your name, e-mail and in some cases mobile phone number.
In case you are our partner, in addition to your name, email, mobile phone contact, we have your address, tax number, date of birth. In the case of being a family member, we also have the name of the other people who are part of your household. If you chose to pay your quota by direct debit, we also have your NIB (we have a signed document that gives this authorization).


3. Know the purpose of your data
These contacts are used to send our newsletters, petitions and communications of events in which we are involved.
If you are a partner, you will also receive our Pardela magazine at your address, notifications regarding payment of dues, General Meetings and other necessary communications addressed to all members.


4. Know what you are agreeing to when browsing our website
By using the SPEA website, you are accepting this Privacy Agreement. SPEA reserves the right to change this agreement without prior notice, so we recommend that you check our privacy policy regularly so that you are always up to date. The SPEA website has links to third party websites and is not responsible for the privacy policy of those websites.


5. Confidentiality
SPEA guarantees that all personal information relating to members, contacts, store customers or website visitors who use its website will be treated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016. SPEA also guarantees that it does not transfer the data in any way to third parties.


6. Duties and users rights
The user undertakes to provide SPEA with truthful and complete information, and to notify SPEA of any updates of such information.
The user can request in writing via e-mail access to his data, verify its correction and rectify them if necessary. To do this, you should send an email to spea [at] .spea.pt